Advantages of UV curing

In recent years, UV curing has evolved to become a versatile and reliable technology. Several quality advantages speak for themselves:


  • Constant colour quality
  • Better scratch resistance
  • Lower abrasion
  • Higher gloss
  • Immediate further processing
  • No solvents
  • Less spoilage
  • No powder application necessary
  • Non-absorbent materials can be printed

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UV systems

Inks and varnishes are fully cured with UV light in fractions of a second. The process is also commonly referred to as UV drying. IST METZ GmbH specialises in UV technology, and has been producing high-quality UV systems for a diverse range of applications for 30 years now. A UV system basically consists of the following components: UV lamp, reflectors, lamp housing, cooling system and electronic open and closed-loop control technology. Our high quality standards are ensured by the precise manufacturing of the individual components, the perfect tuning of the UV system and its harmonious integration in the production process.


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UV technology

IST systems are manufactured for the graphic arts industry and many other industries. The first UV systems were manufactured for curing varnishes and primers in the wood industry. Applications in the graphic arts were added in the 1970's. Today, additional industrial applications include UV curing for the plastic, steel, cosmetic and automotive industries.



Coating and Bonding